How Cloud Backup Can Protect You

Your personal computer is more personal than ever! It is responsible for managing every bit of your important data. When you save files to your computer, the only place they are located is on that physical computer. This works great as long as nothing happens to your computer. There are many different ways that the data on your computer may be rendered useless, but it all boils down to either a hardware problem like a failed hard drive, or a software problem like a virus.

The threat is real

The number one rule with keeping your information safe is data redundancy. Having more than one copy, preferably in more than one place, is the best way to prevent losing data in the unfortunate even of a hardware failure, fire, theft, or virus.

A new type of virus has been on the loose over the past few years that specifically targets personal data such as pictures, documents and email. These viruses often known as “CryptoLocker,” or crypto viruses, encrypt your information with a type of encryption that is usually impossible to crack without the key. They hold your data ransom, demanding a payment of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars for the safe return of your data.

Our cloud backups protect you from this threat and others, by ensuring that a history of 30 days is kept in our cloud vault, so you can restore any version of a file you need, even after a crypto virus destroys your data!

Our backups are safe and secure

We use industry standard, military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to lock your data safe in the cloud. The key is used on your computer before the data is sent, ensuring that there is no possible way for an attacker to obtain the key to unlock your data while it is stored in the cloud.

Same Day Computer offers both personal and business class cloud data backup in the world’s finest data centers, with many different plans to cater to your specific needs. All computer users need a backup strategy – you may find that cloud backup is easier and safer than you ever imagined!

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