PC gaming has been around for quite a while but with the advent of flat or curved screens and new LED light systems, setting up the ultimate gaming-setup or “battle-station” has become a game in itself- and some people are really winning:

5. Black and White Curve

Curved gaming monitors are relatively new on the scene, but don’t expect them to be leaving any time soon. The slight curve doesn’t affect your normal day-to-day web browsing and productivity, but start up a racing game and pull up close and you’ll experience immersion at a level that rivals virtual reality!

(Side View of Heaven – u/fliute)

4.  The Triple

Many folks have seen dual-monitor setups but fewer know that computers with the right hardware can support three or more monitors. A portrait monitor is just the thing you need when working with long documents such as playlists, excel spreadsheets, or simply browsing the web!

(Haven’t seen anyone with my triple monitor setup yet! -u/hsucks2suck)

3. The Ultra-Wide

Thanks to advances in LCD technology, ultra-wide screens are not only available but relatively affordable. And never forget, your battle-station can’t be complete without an ultra-comfortable char!

(Custom Steel and Marble Desk – u/doctordflo)

2. The Wall-Mount

Hate pesky cables everywhere? Want to stop kicking your computer under your desk? Say no more! Stick everything to the wall and run your cables behind the wall. Tri-monitor stands are available with or without that wall mount.

(Triple 27″ 1440p W/ Wall Mounted PC -u/CloudyContacts)

1. The Outrun

Nothing says future like an 80’s inspired futuristic setup to get you in the mood for arcade gaming, listening to some synth-pop, and maybe joining the breakfast club…

(Outrun – u/greengorilla60)

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