There has been a lot in the news lately about the data leak involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.  The data leaked includes names, email address, profile, friends list, and what is liked or shared.

It all started with “This is Your Digital Life” quizzes.  You had to sign in with your account and give them permission to access said account.  When you gave them permission, they took all the information that they could including your friends list and their data too!

“This is Your Digital Life” then shared that information with Cambridge Analytica.

The worst part is that you didn’t have to participate to have your data compromised.  A friend may have done a quiz and your name got leaked because you were on their friends list!

Facebook estimates that 150,000 people gave permission, which means that the rest of the 87 million that were compromised did not!

What can you do?
You could delete your Facebook account but the data has already been collected.

The best thing to do now is to go into your settings and adjust them accordingly.

Go to the upside down arrow in the upper right hand of your screen next to the ? and click on settings.  You should be able to change everything there.

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