In March Equifax stated that 148 million had been affected by the breach in July 2017, see our March blog.

This is the breakdown that was released May 7th:

  • Social Security numbers – 145.5 million
  • Addresses – 99 million
  • Gender – 27.3 million
  • Phone Numbers – 20.3 million
  • Driver’s license numbers – 17.6 million
  • Email addresses – 1.8 million
  • Credit Card numbers – 209,000
  • Tax ID numbers – 97,500
  • Driver’s license state – 27,000

This is a list of images that were stolen:

  • 38,000 driver’s licenses
  • 12,000 Social Security and Taxpayer ID cards
  • 3,200 passports and passport cards
  • 3,000 other documents, including military and state IDs and resident alien cards.

What you can do?
1: Go to the website: to see if you are one of the millions affected.
2: Set up a my Social Security Account so no one else can do it in your name!
3: Keep an eye on your bank accounts and report anything out of place.
4: Change your passwords.  See our blog for the best way to create a password.
5: Get a free annual credit report.  Click here to go to request yours today!
6:  If you believe someone is using your information, freeze your credit report by going to each credit reporting bureau.




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