Who wouldn’t want to win free air tickets?  That is the latest phishing scam seen on Facebook and WhatsApp!

At first glance it looks good.  Virgin Atlantic is celebrating 35 years and is giving away free tickets.

Look at the address closely… there’s a dot under the r!  That isn’t just a dot, it’s a Greek letter, which means the address is not right!  Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t catch it, it’s very well disguised!

After clicking on this link you are sent to www.xn--viginatlantic-jm1g.com, and a survey pops up asking you about your travel and personal history.

How to avoid phishing scams?
1:  Pay attention to the website you are on.  Make sure that it’s correct!
2:  If you get re-routed to another website, check that address too.
3:  Don’t open emails or messages from someone you don’t know.
4:  When in doubt, don’t click!

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