We all have apps on our phones that we like so much that we download them onto our computers as well!

The interesting part about these infected apps is that they aren’t infecting phones!

When the app is downloaded onto your computer, there is a keylogger malware that ‘piggy-backs’ with it.  Keyloggers can track all of your keystrokes, including passwords and banking information!

According to researchers, there were 145 apps that were infected in the Google play store between October 2017 and November 2017.  This means that these apps were available for over 6 months before Google found them and took them off!

See below for the complete list of affected apps!

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App Name Package Name
Baby Room com.KamarBaYi.odieapps
Motor Trail com.MotorTraiL.odieapps
Tattoo Name com.TatToNaMa.odieapps
Car garage coml.GaRaSiMobiL.odieapps
Japanese Garden com.TaMaNJapanG.odieapps
Koi fish com.IkanKoI.odieapps
House Terrace com.TeRaSRumaH.odieapps
Skirt Design com.DesainRokK.odieapps
Yoga Meditation com.MeditasiYoga.odieapps
Shoe rack com.RaKSepatU.odieapps
Unique T-shirt com.KaoSUniK.odieapps
Mens Shoes com.SepatuPriA.odieapps
TV RuanG TaMu com.TVRuanGTaMu.odieapps
Idea Glasses com.IdeaKacamata.odieapps
Fashion Muslim com.FashioNMusLiM.odieapps
Bracelet com.GelangTut.odieapps
Clothing Drawing com.BusanaMenggambar.odieapps
Minimalist Kitchen com.DapuRMiniMaLis.odieapps
Nail Art com.SeNiKuKu.odieapps
Ice cream stick com.StikEzKriM.odieapps
Roof com.AtapRumaH.odieapps
Children Clothes com.BusanaAnaK.odieapps
Home Ceiling com.PlaFoNRumaH.odieapps
PoLa BaJu com.PoLaBaJU.odieapps
Living room com.RuanGTaMu.odieapps
Bookshelf com.RakBuKu.odieapps
Knitted Baby com.RajutanBayI.odieapps
Hair Paint com.CaTRambuT.odieapps
Wall Decoration com.DekoraSiDinding.odieapps
Painting Mahendi com.MelukisMehndi.odieapps
Bodybuilder com.Binaragawan.odieapps
Couple shirts com.KaosCouple.odieapps
Unique Graffiti com.GrafitiUniK.odieapps
Paper flower com.BungaKerTas.odieapps
Night gown com.BaJuTiDuR.odieapps
Wardrobe Ideas com.IdeLeMaRi.odieapps
Dining table com.MejaMakaN.odieapps
Gymnastics com.LatiHaNSeNaM.odieapps
Use Child com.PakaiAnAnak.odieapps
Window Design com.DesainJenDeLa.odieapps
Hijab StyLe com.HijabStyLe.odieapps
Wing Chun com.TeknikWingChuni.xsadroid
Fencing Technique com.TeknikAnggar.xsadroid