By advertising their services on search engines like Google, hackers seem look like a legitimate company and many people contact them thinking that.  At the end of August, Google banned many companies that they believe to be scams, making the hackers have to switch to alternative means of getting your information.

In the beginning of September hackers started targeting other sites, such as WordPress.  They put in a fake Java script into WordPress that pops up a window similar to this:

Calling the number or clicking on the ad will most likely infect your computer.

What should you do?

Turn off your computer, unplug the battery and bring it in to have our techs look at it and see exactly how far the infection goes.

As always, if we can ever be of assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 603-524-1400, email us at, or link up with one of our technicians on live chat at!

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