BatMobi is an Advertisement Software Development Kit (Ad SDK).  This is software added to an app that connects to ads.  It’s not necessarily malicious, just irritating.

It’s how developers can offer free apps but still make money.

Most BatMobi installs are generally safe to use, only causing pop-ups, which although irritating, aren’t malicious.

In late January the BatMobi software started redirecting users to not so good sites rather than just producing pop-ups.

This behavior wasn’t seen on all versions of software with BatMobi.  If you have the following apps and they seem to be sending you in the wrong direction we urge you to remove them.




Video Downloader



Bad BatMobi may show up on Xiamoi Redmi Note 5s in the following apps:

App Vault


Not all Xiamoi Redmi Note 5s have problems so if you’re not having a problem you don’t have to change anything!

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