This is a simple scam to pull off.

Hackers take the name of your boss, create a new email account in Gmail or any email service, then proceed to email employees with a message similar to this:

“There is something I need you to do.  I am going into a meeting now with limited phone calls, please just reply to my email.”

After you reply, the next email says:

“I need to update my pay check direct deposit information.  Please can we handle it now?  Thanks”

Why doesn’t this end up in your spam filter?

It’s short, well written and doesn’t have any of the ‘spam’ words that trigger a flag.

Why is this working?

Most of us see an email from the boss and automatically respond without looking at the actual from address.

And do we really want to bug him in a meeting?

Protect yourself:

1:  Read the actual address that the email is coming from.

2:  Don’t send your banking information in an email.

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