Mojave, the latest version of macOS came out last fall.

Some of the older Macs may not be able to run this it, but those that can will find that there are a lot of new features in Mojave.

There is a ‘dark mode’ which makes the screen easier on the eyes, along with the addition of the News app, Stocks App, Voice Memos and loads more.

Which Macs are compatible?

Mac minis, iMacs, Macbook Airs or MacBook Pros that are 2012 or newer

iMac Pros and Mac Pros that are late 2013 or newer

And MacBooks that are early 2015 or newer

To Upgrade or Not?

Since this macOS has been out for months, most of the bugs should be worked out and we would recommend updating if your system has the specs.

Quick Tip:

Remember to do a backup before upgrading just in case something goes wrong.

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