Hackers have come up with a new trick that is so convincing that Homeland Security has put out notices about it!

Phase One:

Hackers contact you via Facebook or games on Facebook and attempt to gain your trust.

They tell you a story about a ‘hardship’ they are going through and convince you to send them money.

Phase Two:

Hackers then spoof a law enforcement number and call you telling you that the money you sent was sent to a member of Isis!

They threaten you with imprisonment for assisting a terrorist group and tell you to contact a lawyer they provide.

Phase Three:

The ‘lawyer’ requires a retainer fee up-front upwards of $1,000!

When all is said and done, you get scammed twice by the same people!

How to protect yourself:

Don’t send money to anyone that you don’t know and if they are pretending to be someone you know, contact that person outside of Facebook!

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