About Us


Welcome to Same Day Computer! It is my pleasure to introduce to you a revolutionary new paradigm in computer repair and upgrades, because Life Doesn’t Wait For Computer Problems.

Same Day Computer was founded on January 14th, 2003 in response to an ever growing need for the rapid repair and upgrade of personal and business computers. Starting in Belmont, NH, Same Day Computer has serviced tens of thousands of computers, accounting for virtually every computer repair scenario imaginable. We service all makes and models and we are prepared to resolve even the most complex computer and IT conundrums!


In an effort to streamline the repair process, Same Day Computer continues to invest heavily in the research and development of highly complex proprietary software and hardware systems which deliver fast, predictable, consistent, and superior repair and upgrade results directly to our customers.  We develop all of our software and build all of our hardware innovations in-house, so that we may keep our finger on the pulse of technology and exceed all standards of excellence!

Same Day Computer has grown from our first store to several locations across Northern New England.  The addition of these locations makes Same Day Computer the largest computer repair and upgrade company in the State of New Hampshire. With several more stores planned for 2009, Same Day Computer anticipates a revolutionary year with the unveiling of many new systems and inventions, as well as a brand new franchise program, which will make it possible for enterprising, entrepreneurial-minded individuals to own their very own computer repair and upgrade center.

Whether you are a business or a residential user, we are excited to share with you a brand new way of doing business and delivering a superior computer service experience which you will not soon forget!

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