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Bringing the Community Together with Technology

We work with local businesses, churches, schools, and non-profits to provide computers and technology to the members of our community who need it the most.

Participating local businesses contribute by donating or pledging to donate unused, retired, or old computers and technology hardware. Same Day Computer invests in the upgrade and refurbishment of this hardware and works with donation partners to place it with those who need it the most.

Nothing to donate right now?

Sign our pledge, and donate in the future when you upgrade to newer equipment!

Need to Schedule a Pickup?

Contact one of our locations to schedule a free pickup of your old equipment!

How Does This Work?

Who can donate?
Anybody can donate. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!

Both our Laconia and Portsmouth locations are participating.

Laconia: 603-524-1400

Portsmouth: 603-431-7700

Will you accept broken equipment?
Absolutely! We accept broken or obsolete technology. If it is broken and can’t be fixed we will recycle it at no charge to you. We will fix what can be fixed and obsolete technology can be updated.
We have a lot of sensitive data on our computers. What happens to that data if we donate items?
Data security that is something that we take very seriously. Same Day Computer has a very strict privacy policy and all data is securely erased and made irretrievable before the computer is given to anyone else.
Can you pick up a donation?
Yes! We understand that not everyone has time to drop things off, or an easy way to move lots of equipment. We are happy to pick up any donation, from a complete system to just parts. You don’t even have to disassemble the equipment, we will unhook and/or move it for you.
Can we drop off a donation?
Absolutely. We will accept donations at our retail stores any day that we are open.
We don’t have anything that we are ready to donate right now. Can we donate at a later date?
Yes! The Community First Outreach Program is a year round program created to help out at all times of the year. You can fill out our ‘Pledge Form’ at the bottom of this page, and donate when you upgrade your systems.
How do you make money with this? What’s in it for Same Day Computer?
We originally started a free recycling program that allowed the community to ensure their old and used equipment wouldn’t end up filling up a landfill when it was no longer wanted. Much of the equipment was disassembled and the materials recycled.

But some equipment could still function with a little bit of help from our technicians. We thought to ourselves… when a computer is working, it just doesn’t feel right to have it scrapped.

That’s when we got the idea and started the Community First Outreach Program. Our goal is to use our technicians’ down time on donated, used equipment to bring it back to life, and then give it back to those in our community that need it the most.

We feel that with a program like this, everybody wins, and the landfills don’t get overfilled with e-waste.

Where does the equipment go?
We work with local businesses, organizations and charities to provide computers and technology to the members of our community who need it the most. We have partnered with several area churches, schools, and non-profits to make this effort as effective and helpful as possible.


Pledge your old or used equipment to our program

When you outgrow your current equipment, you can donate it at a future date!

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