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March 27th, 2017 Apple rolled out the 10.3 version of Mac iOS (for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Macs and Apple TV).  This version has features like Find My AirPods and Weather Reports within Maps.  It is available only to those running a 64 bit system.  Anyone currently running the 32 bit version will not able to get this upgrade.  Apple is going to be doing away with the 32 bit version of iOS later this year when they come out with the iOS 11.

iOS 10.3 will convert old files to work with the new system, but it is strongly recommended that you back up your files.  If for some reason the upgrade fails and you have to start over, you will lose everything on your gadget.

A way to make the conversion faster would be to delete unneeded files.  The fewer files to be converted, the less time it takes.

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